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Generate 2018 Award Winner Spotlight: The Upper Lillooet Hydro Project by Innergex Renewable Energy Inc.

September 23, 2019 0

Project Excellence Award 2018

As one of Innergex’s most ambitious and challenging projects to date, the Upper Lillooet Hydro Project (ULHP) is a testament to perseverance, teamwork and a relentless passion to help lead the transition to a carbon-free economy. Located 65 km northwest of the Village of Pemberton, nestled in the Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains in BC, the ULHPis comprised of the Upper Lillooet River (81.4 MW) and Boulder Creek (25.3 MW) facilities that transmit clean, renewable energy to more than 39,000 British Columbia households through a 72 km constructed transmission line.

For Innergex, developing sustainably means harnessing the water, wind or sun in a way that avoids, minimizes, mitigates or offsets for impacts on the surrounding ecosystem. Their team developed one of its most dynamic and encompassing environmental programs to date and worked closely over several years with local First Nations, government agencies, local groups and residents. The challenging nature of the geography of the project, as well as several force majeure incidents including a forest fire, forced their team of experts to develop engineering solutions and environmental protocols to address issues both predeter­mined and unforeseen to bring about the successful completion, and minimizing of delays, of the two run-of-river projects.

The Upper Lillooet Hydro Project is a testament to the experience and passion of an Innergex team who are extremely proud to have success­ful completed the biggest hydro project Innergex has built to date by working together and adapting to evolving conditions.

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