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Generate 2018 Award Winner Spotlight: Richard Harper

October 3, 2019 0

Merit Award for Distinguished Service 2018

Richard Harper has extensive experience in pipeline feasibility, predesign, design, and construction management for water, sewer, drainage, renewable energy and infrastructure systems. He is a specialist in trenchless technology including tunneling, HDD, pipe bursting, CIPP, and fold and form pipe jacking. Richard’s expertise also includes project management, design and construction management of large infrastructure projects including pipelines, reinforced concrete water retaining structures, intakes, pump stations, weirs, and shore protection. Many projects included a multidisciplinary approach that involved electrical, mechanical, civil, and environmental disciplines.

Richard previously held positions as Director of the North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT), Program Chair for NASTT’s 2001 No-Dig Conference, and Treasurer for the Northwest Chapter of NASTT. He was also Chair of NASTT’s Directional Drilling subcommittee who led an industry consortium which developed permit specifications for HDD crossings of state highways for the California Department of Transportation.

Richard is currently a member of the Clean Energy Association of BC (CEBC), Chair of Marketing Committee and member of Hydro Committee. Richard was also a recipient of the Lieutenant Governor’s Engineering Award of Excellence and Clean Energy BC Project of the Year Award as a team member for Cape Scott Wind Farm. When not trying to depuzzle GHGs, Richard enjoys Ocean Outrigger racing, Dragonboating, Beach Volleyball, and SCUBA Diving and still has hopes for the Canucks in the coming years.

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