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Jeff Witter

Jeff Witter is the founder and Principal Geoscientist at Innovate Geothermal Ltd., a Vancouver-based consulting firm that provides geoscience services to the North American geothermal energy industry. His specific expertise is in the exploration for geothermal energy resources for electricity production or direct use. Jeff has over 20 years experience in the Earth science field in both academia and industry and he has focused on the geothermal energy sector since 2008. He holds an Advanced Bachelor’s degree (magna cum laude) in geophysics from Occidental College (California) as well as a Master’s degree from the University of Hawaii and a Ph.D. from the University of Washington, both in volcanic geology.

Jeff has provided expert geoscience advice to U.S. and Canadian geothermal developers, served as a geothermal advisor to government, and provided geothermal due diligence services to investor groups. From 2008 – 2010, as lead geologist at Sierra Geothermal Power Corp., Jeff managed the geological and geophysical aspects of the exploration program at the company’s top four geothermal prospects in Nevada (USA). This effort culminated in $10 million of funding from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Innovative Geothermal Exploration grant program. Since 2010, Jeff has worked on geothermal projects in Alaska, Yukon, British Columbia, Washington State, Nevada, Utah, California, and New Mexico.

Jeff is a professional geoscientist (PGeo) with Engineers & Geoscientists British Columbia (EGBC). He serves on the geothermal technical advisory committee of Geoscience BC, a non-profit focused on natural resource development in British Columbia.  From 2016-2020, he served as a board member of Geothermal Rising, the leading geothermal energy organization in North America. In addition, he is adjunct professor in the Department of Earth Sciences at Simon Fraser University and Treasurer of Geothermal Canada, a national geothermal research and education organization. In his career he has authored or co-authored over a dozen scientific articles in the peer-reviewed literature.

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