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Hyatt Regency Vancouver | November 22 – 24

The Future of First Nations Clean Energy in BC

Dave Lovekin

Dave Lovekin is the director of the Pembina Institute‘s work on renewables in remote communities. In his years with the Institute — Canada’s leading energy think tank — he has managed numerous corporate, community and government projects focusing on research and analysis to advance energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions in Canada.

Dave has worked with stakeholders in small businesses, industry, indigenous communities, government and non-governmental organizations on projects related to shifting focus from non-renewable to renewable energy technologies (including solar PV, wind, biomass, biogas and biofuel technologies, geothermal and overall energy efficiency solutions). He has conducted numerous life cycle assessments for various energy technologies and is certified to conduct greenhouse gas accounting through the Greenhouse Management Institute.

He holds a master’s degree in systems design engineering from the University of Waterloo and is currently on the WWF Arctic renewable energy expert committee and the advisory committee for NRCan developing standards for biomass fuels and equipment in Canada.

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